Tx Dirty Mind

houfisticated asked: Where in Texas? Houston guy here

Sift through my entire blog & perhaps you’ll find out where ;) Happy hunting…


Hunks & Hotties on goddy654.tumblr.com

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American University invite you to Grapple in the Grass open practice Friday October 4th.

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pmcootes-deactivated20140327 asked: Northeastern Arkansas. :-/ do you kik?

Pvt me your kik

pmcootes-deactivated20140327 asked: Very submissive 24yo

Oh yea? Where you located?

pmcootes-deactivated20140327 asked: Are you dominate or submissive?

Dom guy. You?

txmac5911 asked: howdy, been browsing through my follower's tumblrs. came across your dirty mind. Grin. texas here also, san Antonio, where bouts are you?

Hey man, houston here